Well this page is for YOU, our main focus on running this business is to help our customers get the best out of not only our products but our service to. 

9 Years ago i was just like yourself at the time i just wanted a hobby i had just had my first little girl and wanted to make her some beautiful bows, i did not realise how easy it would be to get going at first for a long time i watched other people making bows and finally took the leap into it after a few months and it was the best thing i did. 

Back then i did not have support from other makers to help get me started, help with materials and how to put things together i just learnt on my own but now as a supplier i believe that the help you need should come from us, we are 100% dedicated to our customers needs and want a happy experience with our products, we then decided to create pre cut bow loops in order to add to the easiness of making bows with a few dabs of glue you can put together a gorgeous creation! 

If you like the sound of this and your committed to getting a great outcome from us, we have a really good oppurtunity for you. I've put aside some time in my calendar to help YOU get the best outcome you require. We have also put together a couple of starter packs where you will recieve a combination of items to get you started, once you have purchased this you can go ahead and send us a message or email where we will support you through the process of making your first few bows and as always i am only a message away with any queries.


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