In this section of the website we have decided to make a page regarding just our monthly necessities boxes. We get lots of messages every month asking what they might recieve in the boxes so we are putting together a monthly image and description section of each previous box. 

We will be looking for help from our customers to showcase there beautiful makes in the section below, so please do send in your images.

If you are interested in buying the monthly boxes please find attached link:





In our standard boxes this month we included, x6 gorgeous printed canvas sheets, in the theme of unicorns and princesses. We also included 1 fine glitter and a beautiful thick printed leatherette fabric. One bow loop & 2 stunning embellishments to top of the look! 

These fabrics are suitable for all year round and will be available to buy on the website very soon! 


Our luxury boxes included a huge range of fabrics! This included x4 leatherette fabrics, x3 fine glitters & x3 chunky glitters, aswell as a stunning rainbow satin hairband suitable for anytime of year, a gorgeous ballerina bling embellishment and a pink rain drop cloud.

Although not pictured we also included x10 bow cards which are included in all luxury boxes we did a variety of different themed cards this month so no two customers had the same.

Each month boxes vary we sometimes have themes on to suit events upcoming.